Welcome to Rod Vass' Online Art portfolio www.rodvass.com


Originally trained and working as a fine artist -
Rod has had a wide range of experience across many artistic disciplines.

His career has involved international representation over many years
as a successful illustrator and designer, working for a very wide range
of advertising, publishing, music business and other clients worldwide.

Since 1998 he has also run his own company
Armordillo Design and Construction Ltd specialising in the creation of
Sculptures, Sets and Props for the international film industry and other
                                         clients. Their work includes many well known Films.                                            www.armordillo.co.uk

Rod works from a large studio in Gloucestershire and now increasingly
concentrates on his personal artwork.


This ongoing series of paintings are studies of the faces of women.

Brush painted in acrylic paint and ink on board, the foreground,
mid and backgrounds are painted individually at a large size.

The original paintings are digitally scanned at very high resolution on a
flatbed Cruse scanner and Rod carefully overlays and combines the
separate layers to create very evocative and subtle images.

These paintings can be reproduced at any scale up to wall-size.


The 'Illuminations' images are created by Rod using diverse techniques.

Original paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs are digitally mixed and produced.

Images are composited and multi layered. Balance and exposure are carefully controlled.

They are not specifically 'digital artworks'. as the individual elements are all created outside the computer.


Rod has used computer technology in the same way that a musician uses a digital recording studio. Mixing, blending and creating a final production with a precision and clarity that was not previously possible.

All of the artworks exist as originals and as large digital files. The highly detailed images can be reproduced in a variety of printed and elactronic formats.